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US Navy in Japan

Connecting those who have served in Japan.

Connecting US Navy who have served in Japan.

The Japan U.S. Military Program (JUMP) connects past and present US Navy service members, families, and government civilians who have served in Japan.

us-navy-japanOf all the military forces stationed in Japan, the US Navy in Japan is the largest in numbers. There are three prominent US Navy bases on mainland Japan: Yokosuka, Atsugi, and Sasebo. At Sasebo, the United States Seventh Fleet is stationed and shares the base with the Japan Self-Defense Forces. According to the official website of the US Navy, Yokosuka is the largest US Navy base in the world and is considered to be one of the most important strategic locations for the United States. Of all the bases for the US Navy in Japan and the world, Atsugi “has the only permanent forward deployed, co-located Air Wing, Carrier Air Wing Five…[and the]only one to have an entire Air Wing,” as stated in its history.

Recent events regarding Pacific maritime disputes have proven the necessity of the US Navy in Japan. The US Navy in Japan provides support that strengthens the US-Japan military alliance and creates greater cooperation between the two nations. Maritime security is important for Japan because it is an island nation and the oceans serve as a wall against attacks. The presence of the US Navy in Japan is of strategic importance to both Japan and the US.

Recognizing the strategic value of the US Navy in Japan

The Japan US Military Program (JUMP) recognizes the strategic value of the US Navy in Japan and works to provide platforms for past and present American service members to connect and engage with their Japanese counterparts. JUMP organizes various events throughout the year, hosting events that range from featuring influential military persons who reiterate the strategic value of the US-Japan alliance to small gatherings where former service members can get together to reflect on their time in Japan.

Joining JUMP is simple! Sign up here, and you’ll be invited to JUMP events throughout the US and also keep informed through the monthly JUMP newsletter.

Article by Jin Lee.

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