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Sports in Japan

From baseball and soccer to kendo and judo, sports play just as much a part of daily life in Japan as they would in any other country.

Sports in Japan

Watching sports, especially sumo and baseball, is a popular and enjoyable weekend or evening activity for many people in Japan. However, some of the customs for watching sports, as well as the ways to find places to watch sports, can be slightly different than at home. Take a look at the links below to gain insight on how to attend and enjoy some of the most popular live sports games in Japan.

Popular Sports in Japan


How to Watch Sumo Wrestling in Japan
Where, When, and How to Watch Sumo in Japan


Explore Sports: Baseball
Baseball in Japan: How to Get Tickets and what to expect on Game Day
Nippon Professional Baseball Organization


Japan Football Association
Watch a Japanese Soccer Game
Explore Sports: Soccer


All Japan Judo Federation
Kodokan Judo Institute


International Kendo Federation
Tokyo Budokan

Pro Wrestling (Puroresu)

New Japan Pro-Wrestling

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