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Shopping in Japan

As anyone who has lived in Japan will tell you, living there can be very expensive, even more so if one of your favorite hobbies is shopping.

Shopping in Japan

Even buying household items and groceries can burn holes in your wallet if you don’t know how to shop smart. Luckily, there are some ways and places to shop that won’t break the bank. From thrift shops to dollar stores to strategically targeting sales, the below links contain practical tips for getting the biggest bang for your buck while still looking fabulous.

The Basics

Japan Shopping Guide
How to Shop
Good Shopping Etiquette

Thrift and Second-hand Stores

Japanese people tend to take good care of their clothes. As a result, second-hand stores are crammed full of vintage pieces at low prices. Don’t want to get off the couch? There are websites for surfing thrifted fashion as well.

Fashionita’s Insider Guide To Thrift Shopping In Tokyo
Online Shopping for Pre-loved Fashion in Japan
Thrift Shop Treasure Hunting

100-Yen (Dollar Stores)

Everyone who lives in Japan loves the dollar store. Whether you’re buying souvenirs or place settings, Japan’s 100-Yen stores are an automatic first choice when looking for household items (and perhaps a few wacky kitchen gadgets) at heavily discounted prices.

100 Yen Shop
Best 100 Yen Shops in Tokyo (with Hauls!)
¥100 Shops in Tokyo | What You Must Buy


Just like in America, Japan has regular holiday sales and events that will help you save money.

Secrets of Shopping in Japan: When is the Best Time to Shop? Full Guide to Seasonal Sales in Japan!
Sales In Japan – Annual Guide On When To Buy What


Souvenir shopping whether for friends or family, or simply for yourself, can be a fun but sometimes stressful process. Luckily, there are several go-tos that will make everyone from your mother to your old college roommate happy.

25 Cheap Japanese Souvenir Ideas
15 Must-Buy Souvenirs from Japan
Meaningful Souvenirs From Japan You Can’t Return Home Without


Not all supermarkets are created equal. If you want fresh fruit but without the fancy packaging and the hefty price tag, you have to know where to look. Learning how to navigate your local grocery will keep you healthy, and when done smart, save you a lot of money you would have spent eating out.

How To Grocery Shop in Japan (Without Paying a Fortune)
Beginners Guide to Supermarket Shopping in Japan


Where ever you live, strategizing how you spend your money is key to making smart lifestyle choices (and keeping your tiny closet from overflowing). Below is advice on how to live sweetly but cheaply, and also how some Japanese people like to track their finances.

Ways To Save Money While Living In Japan
Japan On A Budget: 9 Essential Shopping Tips You Must Know
How Kakeibo (Japanese Budgeting Method) Can Save You More Money

Image reference: “Shop in Kichijoji Tokyo” by ishare Japan is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

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