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Japanese Food

Familiarize yourself with basic Japanese foods by taking a look at the following guides.

Japanese Food

The Basics

Familiarize yourself with basic Japanese foods by taking a look at the following guides.

Japan’s Popular Dishes
Japanese Food: The Basics
Japanese Food: From Tempura to Takoyaki
15 Weird and Wonderful Things to Eat in Japan

Okinawan Food

The culture of Okinawa is quite a bit different from the rest, and even includes its own traditional dishes. Take a look at these typical dishes that you will find in Okinawa, in addition to mainland Japanese food.

Okinawan cuisine: The Japanese food you don’t know
Typical Okinawan dishes

Comfort Food

When you have a hankering for hamburgers, chicken, and all other things fried, you can look to these lists for ideas of American food in Japan.

From Italy to Chicago: 5 of Tokyo’s ‘Closest-to-Home’ Pizzerias
Must-Try Restaurants at the American Village in Okinawa
Japan Times North American Restaurants Guide
American Franchises in Japan

Food Language

Want to ask about the ingredients of your food but don’t know how? These lists and interactive guides will serve as a base for the common ingredients and cooking tools used in Japanese cuisine.

Interactive Food List- Vegetables
Interactive Food Words- Fruit
Interactive Food Words- Cooking Utensils
Japanese food words that you should know (traditional ingredients)
Japanese Words for Food


If you like to cook at home, you will need to know how to navigate the market for food shopping in Japan. These guides will help familiarize you with Japanese supermarkets.

Beginner’s Guide to Supermarket Shopping in Japan
10 Tips for Grocery Shopping in Japan


Each culture has its own set of rules and customs when it comes to food. The following is an introduction to Japanese dining etiquette.

A Complete Guide to Japanese Dining Etiquette
Just One Cookbook Guide to Japanese Dining
Restaurant Etiquette


Here you will find an interactive restaurant guide, as well as compilations for restaurants in your area, and other information.

American Restaurant Guide for Okinawa
Okinawa Restaurant Index
Gurunavi Interactive Restaurant Guide
How to make your child fall in love with Japanese food

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