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Announcements | Jan 15, 2016

Share your experiences in Japan as a JUMP blogger

slide-1Do you want share your stories from living in Japan, or are you interested in foreign policy, Japanese politics or Japanese culture? JUMP wants to publish your ideas!

In an effort to generate more interesting content for our members, we are launching the JUMP Blog — a collection of thoughtful and interesting entries provided YOU, the JUMP member base. We want to hear your stories and ideas. The best part is, you can write about anything you want! Just as long as it has to do with Japan, of course.

Maybe you’re a huge fan of anime and want to write a review of the newest movie. Perhaps you’re a Japanese politics nerd and you want to share your opinions on the state of Japanese policy, or maybe you just have some funny stories from your time in Japan. Whatever it is we want to hear about it.

You can contribute once or become a regular writer. Become a well-known voice in the JUMP community and get your name published.

How to apply:

If interested in becoming a blogger and having your stories heard, please send a 300+ word writing sample to We’ll get back to all who apply!

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